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Small, unbranched trees. Stipules wanting. Leaves imparipinnate or paripinnate; distal leaflet rudimentary; leaflets usually falcate, opposite or alternate, entire or less often remotely serrate on distal portion. Inflorescences distal or axillarypaniculate thyrses, with flowers in lateral dichasia. Flowers staminate or pistillate; calyx zygomorphic, sepals 5, free, unequal, imbricate; corolla zygomorphic, petals 4-5, with a petaloid, bifid ventral appendage or with 2 marginal appendages; disc unilateral, semi-annular; stamens 8; ovary 3-carpellate, with a single ovule per carpel; style distal, with 3 stigmatic branches. Fruits splitting into 3, samaroid mericarps, each with a proximal wing and a papery, inflated coccus. Seeds exarillate.


lowlands of South America present
About 12 species from the lowlands of South America.