Key for Combretum Loefl.

1Petals pubescent on at least outer surface and margins; flowers mostly 5-merous; scales absent
1'Petals if present without hairs; flowers 4-merous; scales present (often inconspicuous)
2Flowers 18-33 mm long, weakly zygomorphic; fruit 5-8 cm long
2'Flowers 3.2-4.4 mm long, actinomorphic; fruit 1-1.4 cm long
3Stamens 4; petals absent
3'Stamens 8 or 10, rarely more; petals present
4Flowers up to 5 mm long, not arranged in 'bottle-brush syndrome'; scales 40-60(-70) µm diam., marginal cells 8(-11)
4'Flowers at least 8 mm long, arranged in 'bottle-brush syndrome'; scales (50-)70-250 µm diam., marginal cells at least 15
5Leaves coriaceous, with usually only midvein prominent on lower surface or sometimes secondary veins also slightly so
5'Leaves chartaceous to subcoriaceous, with all veins from midvein to higher order venation at least slightly prominent on lower surface
6Fruit 4-6.5 cm long, more than 4 x as long as wide
6'Fruit 1.4-4 cm long, less than 4 x as long as wide
7Scales on leaves, flowers and fruit golden-yellow
7'At least most scales on leaves, flowers and fruit reddish
8Flower buds more or less spherical, apex rounded; upper hypanthium (incl. calyx) distinctly less than 2 x as long as wide; fruit not much longer than wide
8'Flower buds elongated, apex acute to obtuse; upper hypanthium (incl. calyx) ca. 2 x as long as wide; fruit usually about 1.5 x as long as wide