Pentascyphus thyrsiflorus

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Pentascyphus thyrsiflorus


Tree to 6-12 m tall. Trunk to 25 cm in diam.; bark gray. Young branches striate, ferruginous-tomentulose. Leaves paripinnate or imparipinnate; rachis plus petiole 10-21 cm long, striate, terete, ferruginous-tomentulose; petiolules 5-10 mm long, terete, ferruginous-tomentulose; leaflets (4)5-7, alternate, chartaceous, adaxially glabrous except of the minutely pubescent midvein, the adaxial surface with prominent minutely pilose venation, elliptic or oval, 5-18 × 2.7-9.5 cm, the apex narrowing into an obtuse acumen, the base slightly inequilateral, obtuse-acute, the margins entire. Thyrses racemiform, axillary on distal part of branches, 8-10 cm long; axes ferruginous-tomentulose, sulcate; bracts subulate, ca. 1.5 mm long; dichasia depauperate, stipitate; pedicels ca. 2 mm long, tomentulose, articulate near the base. Calyx yellowish, ca. 2 mm long, tomentulose, the sepals deltate, free to the base, imbricate; petals ca. 2 mm long, spatulate, sparsely tomentose; appendage as long as the petals, simple, spatulate, tomentulose, connate along the margins of petal forming a pocket; disc cupular, 5-lobed, tomentose; stamens 8, the anthers oblong, ca. 0.5 mm long, the filaments tomentose, of unequal lengths (1-2 mm long); ovary densely ferruginous-tomentose, the style elongate, unbranched, distally trigonous, with 3 stigmatic lines. Fruit 3-locular, red at maturity, turbinate-tricoccate, ca. 1.5 cm long, minutely ferruginous-sericeous, the pericarp coriaceous, ca. 1 mm thick, the endocarp sparsely pubescent. Seeds nearly ellipsoid to oval, slightly flattened, 1-1.2 cm long, shiny black, puberulent, nearly completely covered by a white, thin arillode


Guianas present, Southern America: Brazil North (Pará present)
Known from the Brazilian state of Pará and the Guianas (GU: 1; SU: 2; FG: 8).