Piper bolivaranum

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Piper bolivaranum


Subshrub to 0.1-1.5 m tall. Stem glabrous. Petiole (0.2-)0.4-0.6(-1) cm long, glabrous, vaginate to apex; blade not scabrous, not conspicuously glandular-dotted, narrowly lanceolate, 7-10.5(-16.5) x 0.7-1.5(-4.5) cm, apex long-acuminate, base equal, acute, glabrous above, glabrescent or glabrous below; pinnately veined, secondary veins 2-3 per side, originating from lower 1/2 or 2/3 of primary vein, with many intermediates up to apex, secondary veins plane above, prominulous below, tertiary veins parallel. Inflorescence erect or pendent; peduncle 0.5-1.1(-2.5) cm long, glabrous; spike1-1.7(-4.5) cm long, white, not apiculate; floral bracts trigonous, densely marginally fringed. Infructescence erect, green; fruits trigonous, to 1 mm wide, glabrous, green, stigmas 3, sessile.


Guyana present, S Venezuela present
S Venezuela and Guyana; 2 collections studied (GU: 2).


See note to P. fanshawei.