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Erect or scrambling herbs to subshrubs; nodes tending to be flattened, encircled by a line of longer hairs. Leaves opposite, petiolate, often more or less pubescent. Inflorescence of axillary and terminal panicles of spikes; bracts and bracteoles present, persistent. Flowers minute, sessile, bisexual, or unisexual and dioecious; tepals 5, in female flowers with a tuft of short and straight, or long and tangled, hairs from base, in male flowers not hairy at base; stamens 5, filaments united below to form a cup, anthers 2-locular, pseudostaminodia present or not; ovule 1, stigmas 2(-3), subsessile.


Australasia, Guyana present, New World tropics
Approximately 80 species, indigenous to Australia and the New World tropics; 1 species in Guyana.