Xyris concinna

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Xyris concinna


Densely cespitose smooth perennial 8-20 cm high, stem short, to ca. 10 cm. Leaves numerous and imbricate in a fan, 5-10 cm, sheaths abruptly dilated at base, there strongly roundedwith firm castaneous, entire to ciliolate margins, blades flattened, 1.5-2.5 mm wide, margins papillose to minutely scabro-ciliate. Scapes stiff, distally linear, terete to oval, ca. 1 mm thick, with one strong papillose or scabridulous rib and many fine ones; spikes ovoid becoming obovoid, 5-7 mm, red-brown, bracts in a spiral, the empty ones 2-4, ovate, grading larger to the floral ones, these ovate to oblong, acute to acuminate, keeled, ca. 6 mm, back papillose without dorsal area. Lateral sepals free, equilateral, narrow, oblanceolate, keel usually ciliate from middle to tip; petals elliptic, ca. 5 mm; staminodes bearded; anthers ca. 2 mm.Capsule ca. 3 mm, valves eseptate, placentation basal; seeds fusiform, ca. 1 mm long, translucent, red-brown.


Mt. Roraima present, Plateau crests across S Bolivar present, Southern America: Venezuela (Venezuela present), Venezuela-Guyana border present
Plateau crests across S Bolivar, Venezuela to Venezuela-Guyana border at Mt. Roraima