Peperomia purpurinervis

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Peperomia purpurinervis


Epiphytic, terrestrial or epilithic herb, creeping to ascending. Stem glabrous to minutely pubescent (with white hairs, Persaud 52), 10-28 cm long, reddish. Leaves alternate, basely attached; petiole 0.2-1 cm long; blade fleshy-coriaceous, elliptic, subobovate or broadly ovate, 1-3.5 x 0.8-2.3 cm, maybe sparsely ciliate, apex acute to obtuse, base acute or obtuse, glabrous or slightly hirtellous, green above, often magenta-red below; veins 3, obvious, often red below. Inflorescence terminal, solitary; peduncle not slender, 0.5-2.5 cm long, glabrous or minutely pubescent; spike erect, 5-7 cm long, yellow or pale green or greenish white, laxly flowered; floral bracts rounded, glabrous, glandular. Fruits basely attached, ovoid to globose, smooth, stigma apical.


Guyana present, Southern America: Brazil North (Roraima present); Venezuela (Venezuela present)
Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil (Roraima); 6 collections studied (GU: 4).


The collection Im Thurn 139 from Mt. Roraima does not represent Peperomia pennellii Trel. & Yunck. Although it is a poor specimen it fits in P. purpurinervis.