Peperomia emarginella

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Peperomia emarginella


Epiphytic or epilithic, or epiphyllous herb, creeping and rooting at nodes, glabrous or sparsely villous. Leaves alternate, basely attached; petiole 0.1-0.5 cm long, often red, glabrous or with sparse hairs; blade slightly fleshy, bright green, orbicular or subreniform, 0.15-0.6 cm in diam., margin somewhat ciliate, apex emarginate, base rounded or truncate, glabrous or with a few hairs; obsoletely palmately 3-veined. Inflorescence terminal, single, erect; peduncle slender, to 1 cm long, pinkish; spike to 1.5 cm long, laxly flowered; floral bracts sub-orbicular to oblong. Fruits basely attached (according to Steyermark, on a short stipe), ellipsoid, ca. 1 mm long with apical stigma.


C and S America present, Southern America: Peru (Peru present)
West Indies, C and S America, S to Brazil and Peru; 12 collections studied (GU: 8; SU: 1; FG: 3).

Common Name

Boni (Suriname): piki kopali


see note to Peperomia delascioi.