Peperomia hernandiifolia

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Peperomia hernandiifolia


Epiphytic, terrestrial or epilithic herb, creeping. Stem to 0.4 cm thick when dried, retrorsely minutely crisp-pubescent, green and reddish. Leaves alternate, distinctly peltate; petiole attached 1-3 cm from base, 3-11(-16) cm long, minutely pubescent, glabrescent; blade coriaceous or subcoriaceous, narrowly ovate, ovate or almost orbicular, 4.5-8(-12) x 3-5.5(-8) cm, margin somewhat ciliate, apex acuminate, base rounded, minutely pubescent, glabrescent; veins 9-11 arising from base. Inflorescence terminal or axillary, solitary; peduncle not slender, 1.5-5.5 cm long, minutely pubescent, green; spike 3-5 cm long, densely flowered; floral bracts rounded, glabrous, glandular. Fruits basely attached, ellipsoid, reddish brown, apex with slender beak and stigma at base of beak.


C America present, Northern America, Southern America, northern S America present
West Indies, Mexico, C America and northern S America into Brazil; 6 collections studied (GU: 6).