Matayba stenodictya

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Matayba stenodictya


Tree to 45 m tall and 70 cm in diam.; branches terete, furfuraceous to densely furfuraceous. Leaves paripinnate or imparipinnate; petiole plus rachis 5.5-14 cm long, minutely furfuraceous, striate, pulvinate at base; petiolules 4-8 mm long, pulvinate; leaflets (2-) 6-10, alternate or less often subopposite, chartaceous, the adaxial surface glabrous, the abaxial surface minutely furfuraceous (peltate scales) with prominent midvein, oblong or elliptic, 6.5-17 × 2.8-5.4 cm, the base asymmetrical, acute, obtuse to subrounded, the apex obtuse or obtusely acuminate, the margins entire, revolute. Thyrses distal, 10-13 cm long, paniculate; axes densely furfuraceous. Flowers in simple dichasia; bracteoles ovate, ca. 0.5 mm long. Calyx cup-shaped, furfuraceous, 1.2-1.5 mm long, the lobes triangular or ovate, ca. 1 mm long; petals white, spatulate, 1.2-1.5 mm long; appendages 2, suprabasal, almost as long as the petal, divaricate, densely white lanose; disc glabrous, pentagonal; stamens 8, ca. 3 mm long, the filaments glabrous. Capsule 1-locular, 1.8-2 cm long, minutely furfuraceous, granulate, red, sessile, trigono-globose, the pericarp woody, ca. 2.5 mm thick, the endocarp sericeous-tomentose. Seed solitary, ca. 11 mm long, shiny dark brown, obovoid, completely covered by a cream-white arillode, except for the apical portion.


Eastern and northern Brazil present, French Guiana present
Eastern and northern Brazil, and French Guiana.