Cerbera floribunda

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Cerbera floribunda


Tree to 40 m tall, mostly much smaller, to 60 cm dbh, mostly much less. Bark grey to brown. Leaves: Inflorescence terminal, lax, 8-25 cm long, glabrous; Sepals ovate to obovate, 4-14 by 2-8 mm, 1.5-3.5 times as long as wide, apex rounded to acuminate, spreading, mostly deciduous at corolla anthesis. Stamens inserted at 5-10 mm from corolla base which is 0.4-0.6 of tube length; Ovaries 1-1.5 mm high; Fruit blue or purplish blue, each ellipsoid, 7.5-10.5 by 5-6.5 by 3-4 cm.


Asia-Tropical: Maluku (Maluku present); New Guinea present, Solomon Islands present, Western Pacific Islands present
Western Pacific Islands, Solomon Islands; in Malesia: Moluccas, New Guinea.


The seeds contain an oil used externally for the treatment of skin ailments. The wood can be used for household items and packaging.


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