Voyria pittieri

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Voyria pittieri


Herbs 5-15 cm tall; root system unknown; stems purple to red, simple or branched. Leaves triangular to narrowly triangular, 3-8 mm long. Inflorescence a few-flowered cyme or reduced to 1 flower. Flowers 4-6-merous, fragrant; calyx campanulate, 4-8 mm long, tube 2-5 mm long, lobes narrowly triangular, 3-4 mm long, apex acuminate, sinuses acute; corolla purple to blue, trumpet-shaped, 14-30 mm long, tube 11-22 mm long, inner side glabrous to hairy, gradually widened towards throat, lobes triangular to narrowly triangular, 3-10 mm long, apex acuminate to caudate; stamens inserted 5-10 mm below throat, filaments 3-10 mm long, hairy, anthers ca. 1 mm long, coherent; ovary oblong-fusiform, subsessile, 2-4 mm long, provided with 2broadly ellipsoid glands at base, style 10-19 mm long. Capsule oblong-ellipsoid, ca. 5 mm long, dehiscence unknown; seeds ovoid to subglobose, 0.2-0.3 mm long.


French Guiana present, Guianas present, Guyana present, N Peru present, Southern America: Colombia (Colombia present); Panamá (Panamá present); Venezuela (Venezuela present), W Brazil present
Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana, W Brazil, and N Peru; 5 collections studied from the Guianas (GU: 4; FG: 1).