Voyria clavata

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Voyria clavata


Herbs 5-20 cm tall; root system unknown; stems white, yellow, pink, or red, simple or sometimes branched at base. Leaves ovate, 7-10 mm long. Flowers solitary or rarely in a few-flowered cyme, 5-merous, with a faint smell of violets; calyx tubular to campanulate, 30-40 mm long, tube 20-30 mm long, lobes triangular to narrowly triangular, 5-10 mm long, sinuses acute to obtuse; corolla with yellow, white, or orange-brown tube and white, mauve or pink lobes, funnel-shaped, 70-115 mm long, tube 60-90 mm long, widened above insertion of stamens, inner side glabrous, lobes obovate to narrowly elliptic, 8-25 mm long, ascending, becoming reflexed when old; stamens inserted 20-40 mm below throat, filaments 10-25 mm long, anthers 3-5 mm long, coherent, apex rounded; ovary fusiform, ca. 10 mm long, with 5 discoid scales at base of ovary, style 50-60 mm long. Capsule fusiform, 20-25 mm long, probably indehiscent; seeds urceolate to subglobose, 0.2-0.5 mm long.


Amazonian Brazil present, Guianas present present, Southern America: Venezuela (Venezuela present)
Venezuela, the Guianas and Amazonian Brazil; 65 collections studied from the Guianas (GU: 21; SU: 18; FG: 26).


Flowering .