Serjania pedicellaris

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Serjania pedicellaris


Woody vine. Stems obtusely 5-lobed, puberulent with minute glandular hairs; cross section with a single vascular cylinder, usually with hollow pith. Stipules triangular, ca. 1 mm long, early deciduous. Leaves biternate; petiole nearly terete, rachis furrowed, both slender, puberulent with scattered glandular hairs; leaflets subcoriaceous, elliptic, 2.5-6 × 1-2.5 cm, minutely puberulent with sparse minute, glandular hairs along abaxial surface, the base attenuate to nearly cuneate on distal leaflets, obtuse on lateral ones, the apex acuminate, mucronate, the margins serrate, with glandular teeth, ciliate. Thyrses racemiform, 7-10 cm long; axes densely covered with minute glandular hairs; cincinni long-stipitate (ca. 1 cm long), scorpioid, 10- to 15-flowered. Pedicel 4-5 mm long, articulate near the base; sepals 5, rounded at apex, cucullate, densely covered with minute, glandular hairs, outer sepals ovate, ca. 3 mm long, inner sepals oblong, ca. 5 mm long; petals spatulate, ca. 5 mm long; appendages almost as long as the petals, appendages of posterior petals with a emarginate fleshy crest; disc 4-lobed, posterior lobes triangular, ca. 2.5 mm long, lateral lobes elliptic, ca. 2 mm long; stamens glabrous. Mericarps ca. 3 cm long, sparsely covered with glandular hairs; cocci flattened, not distinctive from the wing.


French Guiana present, Suriname present
Known only from Suriname and French Guiana (SU: 7; FG: 3).


Woody vine.1
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