Talisia praealta

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Talisia praealta


Tree to 30 m tall; trunk reaching 25 cm in diam., buttressed at base; bark light brown to grayish, rough, with numerous horizontal rows of lenticels, peeling off in large irregular plates; inner bark reddish brown. Branches terete, striate, puberulent. Leaves paripinnate; petiole 0.7-2.5 (7.5) cm long, similar to rachis, slightly enlarged at base; rachis 0.7-3.5 (5.5) cm long, slightly flattened along adaxial surface, striate, puberulent; petiolules slender, 2-6 (15) mm long; leaflets 2-4, opposite or subopposite, elliptic or obovate, chartaceous to subcoriaceous, 5-12.5 (-20.5) × 1.9-5.5 (8.2) cm, glabrous, often with scattered, necrotic round spots, midvein impressed adaxially, prominent abaxially, secondary veins slightly prominent abaxially, the apex obtuse or obtusely acuminate and retuse, the base acute or obtuse, decurrent on the petiolule, sometimes slightly asymmetrical. Thyrses racemiform, 2-8 cm long, axillary, congested or less often solitary; axes puberulent; bracts and bracteoles subulate, 0.5-1 mm long, early deciduous; dichasia simple, sessile, or of a solitary flower due to the abortion of lateral flowers; peduncle 1-2.2 mm long, tomentose; pedicels 1-2 mm long, tomentose, articulate at the middle. Calyx 2.5-3 mm long, ferruginous-tomentose, the sepals free to the base or nearly so, oblong or elliptic; petals elliptic, ca. 2.2 mm long, abaxially tomentose on lower half, adaxially papillate; appendages deltate, as long as the petals, sericeous-tomentose on both surfaces; disc annular, 5-lobed, minutely hispidulous; stamens (7)8, the filaments of unequal length, 2-3 mm long, sparsely to densely pilose, the anthers oblong-ellipsoid, apiculate and barbate at apex, ca. 0.7 mm long; ovary ferruginous, sericeous-tomentose, the stigma elongated, papillate. Fruits ellipsoid, light green, to 2.2 cm long, minutely ferruginous, sericeous, the pericarp nearly woody, ca. 1 mm thick, smooth to slightly granulate, the endocarp glabrous. Seed one per fruit, nearly ellipsoid, ca. 1.7 cm long, with slightly fleshy testa.


French Guiana present, Southern America: Brazil North (Amapá present), Suriname present
Known from Suriname, French Guiana and the Brazilian state of Amapa (SU: 6; FG: 10).

Common Name

English (French Guiana): singabassou, tapuyma; English (Suriname): jamboka