Paullinia cambessedesii

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Paullinia cambessedesii


Liana. Stems terete, subsericeous-tomentose; cross section with a single vascular cylinder. Stipules ovate, ca. 5 mm long, persistent. Leaves trifoliolate, discolorous; petioles unwinged, ca. 12 cm long; leaflets coriaceous, 14-20 × 6-12.5 cm, elliptic to obovate, the apex abruptly acuminate, the base obtuse, the margins remotely dentate, with glandular teeth; adaxial surface glabrous except for the puberulous midvein, abaxial surface flavo-sericeous-tomentose, with primary and secondary veins slightly prominent, tertiary veins clathrate; petiolules 1-1.5 cm long, tomentulose. Thyrses cauliflorous, fasciculate, tomentulose; bracts and bracteoles deltate; cincinni sessile; pedicels ca. 4 mm long. Calyx tomentose, with 5concave sepals, outer sepals ca. 1.3 mm long, inner ones ca. 4 mm long; petals oblong; torus tomentulose, disc with rounded lobes. Capsule globose to ovoid, unwinged, sericeous-tomentose, ca. 1.5 cm long, stipe 3-4 mm long, 1-seeded, smooth; endocarp crustose, hirto-tomentose. Seeds ca. 5 mm long, ovoid, with a sarcotesta on lower half


French Guiana present
A rare species, known from the type and a few sterile collections from French Guiana.


Description of the flower taken from the original description.