Myristica kjellbergii

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Myristica kjellbergii


Tree 4-15 m. Leaves chartaceous or subcoriaceous, broadly ellipsoid-oblong, 15-24 by 5-10 cm, base attenuate, apex short acute-acuminate; Fruits in sessile clusters of 2 per infructescence, subsessile, (sub)globose, 2-2.2 by 2 cm, apex sometimes with beak 1.5(-2) mm, hairs dense, 0.1-0.2 mm;


Asia-Tropical, N, C and SW Sulawesi present
Malesia: N, C and SW Sulawesi, known from a few collections. Deviating collections from SW Peninsula, with rather small subglobose fruits, are discussed by De Wilde (I.e.: 170).


Myristica kjellbergii is characterized by its pale, greyish or whitish lower leaf surfaces, with conspicuously contrasting brown nerves, a feature shared with M. koordersii, M. impressa, and M. impressinervia; it differs from the first two species in the extremely faint nerves on the upper leaf surface, the papillae on the lower surface (always?), and smaller fruits with thin pericarp. Myristica impressinervia, known only from male flowers, has a much more tiny habit, smaller and thinner leaves, lower surface apparently not papillose, and distinctly pedunculate inflorescences.