Myristica devogelii

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Myristica devogelii


Tree 20 m. Leaves coriaceous, oblong or oblong(-lanceolate), 20-30 by 6-10 cm, base short-cuneate or nearly rounded, apex acute or subacute-acuminate, or rather blunt; Inflorescences among the leaves or just below, of the Knema-type, a sessile scar-covered brachyblast 3-5 mm diameter, rusty-greyish short pubescent; Fruits usually solitary, sessile, subglobose, (4-)5 cm diameter, hairs scurfy, rust-coloured, 0.1 mm or less;


Asia-Tropical, Central Sulawesi present, N side Lake Matano present
Malesia: Central Sulawesi (N side Lake Matano).


Myristica devogelii is readily distinguishable by its glabrous, coriaceous leaves and sessile, globose fruits of 5 cm diameter.