Myristica fugax

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Myristica fugax


Treelet 4-5 m tall. Leaves membra nous, (elliptic-)oblong, 5-12 by 2-3.5(-4.5) cm, base broadly rounded or attenuate, ape: Inflorescences pedunculate, between the leaves, axillary or to 3 mm supra-axillary, glabrescent, indumentum minute, grey-brown; Fruits solitary, ellipsoid-oblong, 3.7-4.5 by 1.4-1.5 cm, apical part contracted into a ± curved beak 4-7 mm, base narrowed into a 4-5 mm long pseudostalk, hairs dense, scurfy scale-like, less than 0.1 mm;


Asia-Tropical, Central Prov present, E Sepik present, Gulf present, Madang present, Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (E Sepik, Gulf, Madang, and Central Prov.); see also under the subspecies.


The irregular warty inner surface of the male perianth is also found in the obviously related species M. pumila and M. sogeriensis.