Myristica gracilipes

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Myristica gracilipes


Tree 6 m tall. Leaves (thinly) chartaceous, ± obovate-oblong, 16-19 by 5.5-6.5 cm, base short-attenuate or nearly rounded, apex acute-acuminate; Inflorescences (from infructescences) between the apical leaves, presumably of the Knema-type: 1- (or 2-)flowered, peduncle 1.5-2 mm long (see note 2). Male and female flowers not seen. Fruits solitary, somewhat immature:


Asia-Tropical, Dalman, 45 km inland from Nabire present, N Papua Barat present
Malesia: N Papua Barat (Dalman, 45 km inland from Nabire); known only from the type.


1 Myristica gracilipes is close to M. warburgii subsp. hybrida, but the latter has smaller leaves, fruits lower on the twigs, and shorter fruiting pedicels. 2 If male inflorescences of M. gracilipes appear to be pedunculate, the species keys out in the vicinity of M. cylindrocarpa.


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