Myristica inundata

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Myristica inundata


Tree 25-30 m. Leaves (thickly) chartaceous, (ellip-tic-)oblong, 10-16 by 4-6 cm, base short-cuneate or narrowly rounded, apex (short) acute-acuminate; Inflorescences between the lower leaves and below, of the Knema-type;


Asia-Tropical, Kiunga subprov present, Papua New Guinea present, Tuide-masuk Road present, Western Prov present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Western Prov., Kiunga subprov., Tuide-masuk Road); known only from the type.


2 Because of the (sub)persistent, short and dense indumentum of the lower leaf surface, this species may be confused with M. inutilis. The male flowers have some reminiscence with those of M. hollrungii, a species not closely related. 1 Myristica inundata is similar to M. atrocorticata from the same area; the latter is distinguishable by narrower leaves, a male bracteole that is much shorter than the perianth, shorter indumentum, and prop-roots. Myristica inundata was collected in seasonally inundated swamp forest, and recorded as having stilt-roots. Prop-roots have been recorded for M. atrocorticata.