Myristica markgraviana

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Myristica markgraviana


Tree 5-30 m. Leaves membranous or chartaceous, (elliptic-)oblong, 8-23 by 3-10 cm, base attenuate or (broadly) rounded, apex acute-acuminate (or ± blunt); Inflorescences with rust-coloured hairs 1 mm, pedunculate, in male 1-7, each axillary to caducous cataphylls along short-shoots 1-5 cm long, in female fewer; Fruits l(-3) per (partial) infructescence, subglobose or ellipsoid, apex usually ± hooked, 3-5.5 by 2.5-3 cm, hairs dense, shaggy, (red-)brown, (0.5—) 1—1.5(—3) mm;


Asia-Tropical, Eastern, Milne Bay, Morobe, Madang, Northern Provinces present, Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Eastern, Milne Bay, Morobe, Madang, Northern Provinces).


The inner surface of the tubular part of the male perianth is conspicuously verrucose, i. e., with (densely set) irregular wart-like appendages, irregularly scattered or sometimes arranged in ± horizontal structures, the warts 0.2-0.4 mm high, possibly purplish or reddish when fresh; inner surface of the perianth lobes completely glabrous.


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