Myristica hooglandii

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Myristica hooglandii


Tree 8-27 m tall. Leaves (thickly) membranous, (elliptic-)oblong, (12—)15—35 by 3-10 cm, base attenuate or narrowly rounded, apex acute(-acuminate); Inflorescences between the leaves or (as in the type) below the leaves, arranged in 1-1.5 cm long brachyblasts ending in a small sterile leaf bud, pedunculate, glabrescent, indumentum minute; Fruits generally single, (broadly) ellipsoid or oblong, 6-8 by 4-5 cm, apex (sub)obtuse, (late) glabrescent, hairs mealy, rust-coloured, 0.5-l(-2) mm long;


Asia-Tropical, Central present, Milne Bay Provinces present, Morobe present, Normanby Is present, Northern present, Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: a local endemic species of Papua New Guinea, known from Morobe, Northern, Central and Milne Bay Provinces (also Normanby Is.).


LAE 62150 (Katik) from Central Province has exceedingly small leaves, 12-15 cm long only.


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