Myristica flavovirens

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Myristica flavovirens


Tree 12 m. Leaves coriaceous, oblong-lanceolate, 9-11 by 2-3 cm, base short-attenuate or narrowly rounded, apex blunt or narrowly rounded; Inflorescences between the leaves and just below, of the Knema-type, simple or bifid scar-covered brachyblasts to 5 mm long, sessile or to 2 mm pedunculate; Fruits not seen.


Asia-Tropical, Bird's Head present, Kebar valley present, W New Guinea present
Malesia: W New Guinea (Bird's Head, Kebar Valley); known only from the type.


1 Myristica flavovirescens is related to M. arfakensis, and M. conspersa, and M. scripta, species with similarly dotted and dashed leaves and with a comparatively long androphore, not much shorter than the synandrium. Myristica arfakensis is distinguishable by stalked inflorescences and smaller flowers; M. conspersa has much smaller (male) flowers; M. scripta is rather variable in its flower size and its leaves are generally brown on drying, with an acute apex, but the species occurs in New Guinea outside Bird's Head. 2 The twigs of M. flavovirens are conspicuously blackish; the leaves are coriaceous, drying a strange green colour above, (orange-)yellow below, and are distinctly densely papillose (lens!). The texture of its leaves and its drying colour are suggestive of a species from ultrabasic soil.