Myristica inaequalis

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Myristica inaequalis


Tree to 20 m. Leaves chartaceous or coriaceous, elliptic-oblong, (13-) 15-19 by 3-5.5 cm, base cuneate, apex acute-acuminate; Fruits not seen, but see field-notes.


Arfak Mts, track from Wamare to Mokwam present, Asia-Tropical, NE Bird's Head present, Papua Barat present
Malesia: Papua Barat (NE Bird's Head, Arfak Mts, track from Wamare to Mokwam); known only from the type.


Myristica inaequalis is provisionally reckoned to the group with larger leaves (blade length 15 cm or more) and subsessile or short-stalked inflorescences (as in Knema). It keys out next to M. fusca (to which it is closely related). The caducous bracteole, situated about halfway on the pedicel, is reminiscent of that of M. mediovibex from about the same area.