Myristica duplopunctata

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Myristica duplopunctata


Tree 10-25 m. Leaves chartaceous or (thinly) coriaceous, (elliptic-)oblong, 15-23 by 5-8 cm, lower surface with dense interwoven scale-like hairs 0.1 mm (lens!), seemingly ± glabrous, or late glabrescent; Inflorescences between the (lower) leaves, almost as in Knema, but pedunculate, in male peduncle (3-) 10 mm, in female 5 mm, ending in a small scar-covered part with a cluster of few flowers. Fruits solitary, 4-5 cm, known only in subsp. versteeghii.


the mountains of NW Papua Barat and northern W Papua New Guinea present
Incompletely known taxon from the mountains of NW Papua Barat and northern W Papua New Guinea; the rather heterogeneous material is placed in two subspecies.


2 The male flowers of M. brassii, M. duplopunctata, and M. neglecta are all very similar. However, the staminal column is hairy along its entire length in M. neglecta, only in the lower half in M. brassii, and very inconspicuously hairy, with pale hairs less than 0.1 mm, in M. duplopunctata. 1 Myristica duplopunctata is similar to M. millepunctata and M. neglecta, but differs in smaller leaves with small scattered dots on both surfaces.