Myristica garciniifolia

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Myristica garciniifolia


Tree 10-30 m. Leaves chartaceous or subcoriaceous, elliptic-oblong, 12-30 by 5-11 cm, base ± cuneate or (narrowly) rounded, apex acute-acuminate; Inflorescence between the leaves or below, pedunculate, glabrescent, indumentum minute; Fruits 1-3 per infructescence, (ovoid-)oblong, 4.5-5.5(-6) by (2.5-)3 cm, apex narrowly rounded with stigma remnant, base rounded or ± attenuate, hairs brown powdery, 0.5 mm long, partly glabrescent;


Asia-Tropical, Japen I present, NW Papua Barat present, NW Papua New Guinea, NW Sepik Province, in a rather restricted area in the Jayapura region present
Malesia: NW Papua Barat (in a rather restricted area in the Jayapura region, also Japen I.); not yet recorded from NW Papua New Guinea where it can be expected in the adjoining NW Sepik Province


1 Myristica garciniifolia seems related to the West Malesian M. elliptica, with similar inflorescences and conspicuously angled buds. It also resembles the Papuan M. schleinitzii which differs in its non-angular buds and smaller glabrescent fruits. 2 By its very short, inconspicuous indumentum of leaf bud and innovations, and its early glabrescence, M. garciniifolia makes a completely glabrous impression; it is further distinguishable by its faint leaf venation.


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