Myristica carrii

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Myristica carrii


Tree 3-7 m. Leaves membranous, oblong(-lanceolate) or lower half sometimes ± tapering, 25-45 by 5-13 cm, base narrowly rounded or (long-)cuneate, apex acute-acuminate; Inflorescences in male: several crowded at the end or along lateral short-shoots 1-3 cm long (always?), with caducous cataphylls, and with apical leaf bud, below the leaves, peduncle 5-10 by 1-2 mm, ± flattened, hairs dense, pale brown, appressed, 0.1 mm or less; Fruits 1 or 2 together, sometimes crowded and then infructescence appearing more-fruited, (ellipsoid-)oblong, 4-5 by 1.5-2 cm, ± fusiform, apex and base narrowed into 3 mm beak and pseudostalk, hairs dense, rusty, (0.2-)0.5 mm;


Asia-Tropical, Morobe present, Northern Prov present, Papua New Guinea endemic
Malesia: Papua New Guinea ( Morobe&Northern Prov.); a local endemic.


May be confused with M. hooglandii from the same area, but the latter differs in its slightly thicker leaves, weaker (obscure) lateral nerves and veins, broader and larger male flowers, rounded at the apex (not acute), and the much larger glabrescent yellow fruits.


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