Myristica ingens

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Myristica ingens


Tree 10-30 m. Leaves chartaceous or coriaceous, (elliptic-)oblong, (22-)25-40 by 5-15 cm, base (short-cuneate or) broadly rounded, apex acute-acuminate; Inflorescences between the lower leaves, or below; of the Knema-type: a ± woody scar-covered simple (not forked) brachyblast to 5 mm long, sessile or to 5 mm pedunculate, glabrescent; Fruit solitary, subglobose or broadly ovoid(-ellipsoid), 7-10 by 6-8 cm, apex rounded or rather acute, hairs dense, mealy, yellow-brown or rust-coloured;


Asia-Tropical, Western, Southern, and Eastern Highlands Prov present, mountains of Central Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: mountains of Central Papua New Guinea (Western, Southern, and Eastern Highlands Prov.).


1 According to Foreman (1978) this is the Myristica with the largest fruits in New Guinea. It is distinguishable by the stout habit of all parts, the large leathery flowers, the large fruits with thick pericarp, and the aril-lobes only covering the basal part of the seed. 2 Myristica ingens is the only species in the genus Myristica with a reduced aril; in all other species the laciniae of the aril cover the seed over its entire length.


Foreman 1978 – In: Handb. Fl. Papua New Guinea. p 193