Myristica warburgii subsp. warburgii

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Myristica warburgii subsp. warburgii


Fruits ellipsoid-fusiform, 3-4 cm long, hairs 0.1-0.2 mm, pericarp 2-3 mm thick;


Asia-Tropical, Central present, E Papua New Guinea present, Fergusson I present, Milne Bay Prov present, Morobe present
Malesia: E Papua New Guinea (Morobe, Central, and Milne Bay Prov., incl. Fergusson I.).


1 Immature or just mature leaves may have a fine dark punctation below (lens!); however, these tiny dots are markedly smaller than, but probably essentially similar to those found in species with a dotted lower leaf surface. 2 The seed is positioned somewhat obliquely within the pericarp, that is, attached not basally but higher up; hence the slips of the aril are largely orientated transversely rather than lengthwise. This has been seen also in the fully mature fruits of a specimen of M. scripta {Jacobs 9059) and probably it occurs in other species as well.