Myristica fusiformis subsp. pseudostipitata

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Myristica fusiformis subsp. pseudostipitata


Possibly a small tree, size not known. Leaves thinly membranous, 9-10 by 3.5 cm, apex shortly acute-acuminate; Fruits long-fusiform, 8-8.5 by 1.5 cm including the basal part contracted into a narrow pseudostalk 15-20 mm long;


SW Papua Barat present, lower Lorentz River, 'Noord River' present
SW Papua Barat (lower Lorentz River, 'Noord River').


1 Known only by its fragmentary type specimen, which is readily distinguishable from the type subspecies and all known Myristicas in New Guinea by its elongate solitary fruit with long pseudostalk, and long fruiting pedicel, in the axil of a leaf scar. Vegetatively it is similar to M. brachypoda from S Papua New Guinea, but in that species the papillation on the lower leaf surface is more pronounced, and the fruits, although with a similar indumentum, are smaller, almost sessile, and lack a pseudostalk. 2 The distinct reticulation of the lower leaf surface is reminiscent of M. globosa, a species differing in its (sub)globose fruits.