Myristica avis subsp. paradisiacae

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Myristica avis subsp. paradisiacae

Placement status: name or taxon excluded (unspecific)


Papua New Guinea present
Papua New Guinea


There are a number of names in Myristica which do not belong to the family (but alternatively to, e.g., Annonaceae, Lauraceae, Myrsinaceae), or to other myristicaceous genera, including those from Africa and South America, remembering that in the foregoing century all Myristicaceae were described in the sole genus Myristica, chiefly by A. De Candolle (in his Prodromus), until King published his revision of the family for British India . Only since Warburg (1897) the modern genera were defined clearly.

Excluded and doubtful names were enumerated and discussed by Sinclair , and for New Guinea also by De Wilde . Below follow some obscure names of true Malesian Myristicas (all New Guinean), doubtful in synonymy and to be excluded:
based on seeds only.