Myristica chrysophylla subsp. chrysophylla

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Myristica chrysophylla subsp. chrysophylla


Leaves chartaceous, rarely coriaceous, small or large, to 14(-18) cm wide, base short-attenuate, rounded, or shallowly cordate; Fruits subglobose or broadly ovoid, 2-2.5(-3) cm diameter, hairs woolly, 3-5 mm.


Asia-Tropical, Kokoda present, Lae subprov present, Morobe Prov present, Northern Prov present, Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Morobe Prov.: Lae subprov.; Northern Prov.: Kokoda).


The specimen LAE 52029 (Lae subprov.) approaches subsp. entrecasteaux-ensis in its narrow, coriaceous leaves.